Watch this video to find out what the Advance Power Skating class is all about!
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The Advance Power Skating class is for you if you want to learn...
  • Advance inside & outside edge control
  • Advance forwards & backwards transitioning
  • High speed crossovers and dynamic turning
  • Explosive starts & stops featuring bungee training
What if in just 4 weeks you could dramatically shift your Skating abilities up to the next level?
  • That is what this specialty class is designed to do
  • It uses a 4 week progression based on the latest science and research.
  • Every class is built upon the last class to maximize results.
Imagine if...
Your player could maintain speed and balance and could change direction quickly and efficiently with and without the puck.
Does this sound like a result that you want?

Once a player learns these techniques that will have a huge advantage to become an impact player during the games. You are going to want to take this class and you will love the results.

Limited Spacing- Only 8 spots available

Price- $199 (Does NOT include Puck Play fee)
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